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Unwanted Visitors A (also known as StickPage Tournament 2010 Round 1 Professional Collaboration) will be released on Friday on the sponsor's site. That means in just about a couple weeks it will be here on NewGrounds for all of you to see!
The collab is alien invasion themed and features:
- Paul B, creator of Thief: Rent's Due (also known as Manfreak here on NewGrounds);
- Stund;
- Pluto;
- Drifts, previous 3rd and 2nd place winner of SPT and creator of many great animations that can be found on NewGrounds.

Expect over 4 minutes of mind-blowing alien-slaying stickfigure action! ;)

A quick announcement here, round 1 has started. The theme is Alien Abduction and it ends 1st June. Collabs are expected in June.
Thread to watch for some of the participant's progress : .php?33122-StickPage-Tournament-2010-R ound-1-Invasion

StickPage Tournament 2010

2010-04-29 15:54:45 by TeamXHawk

Hello NewGrounds!
From the creator of TheLongTimeFlashTournament (TLTFT) 2008 and TLTFT V.2 comes StickPage Tournament 2010, sponsored by SP. =]

StickPage Tournament is going to be 3 rounds long, 3 months long. It has the same principles as last year's TLTFT V.2. That means we'll be releasing a series of 9 collabs starting from June to August. To be precise, for each round there will be 3 collabs : One for the beginner category, one for intermediate and one for PROFESSIONAL (Keep an eye for those! XD)

Headlining our competition (and collaboration) in Professional Category this year, we have :
Creator of the Killing Spree series, MASTER-SAMUS
The famous TERKOIZ
TLTFT veteran DRIFTS (TLTFT 2008 2nd place, TLTFT V.2 2nd place)
Creator of TheAnimPlanet, DANNYPLATINUM
As well as...

Round 1 starts 1st May. 1st collab should be released in early June. :)
P.S.: If you're new to this, check last year's collabs in the flash section of my profile. They are Indestructible Collab, Gladiators Collab and Nuclear Wasteland Collab.


2009-05-20 10:39:11 by TeamXHawk

After the success of the Indestructible Collabs, we're releasing a new series, this time three. The theme is "Gladiators" and in the 3rd one, there will be Endo-K, Tawnik and Drifts again, with two new guys, Spitzer and Ace0fredspades. It is already compiled and is scheduled for release in about a month. I think it's better than Indestructible Collab 2, so keep an eye out for it.

TLTFT and Battle Arenas 5

2009-04-22 02:26:11 by TeamXHawk

Hey NewGrounds, haven't made an update on anything in a long while. I don't think you care but anyway.

After Battle Arenas 4 being complete... half-assed mostly tweened animation I will hate for life, I'm currently working on Battle Arenas 5, which is going to take a while and will have some really cool angles and detailed characters, more light work hopefully, better backgrounds and everything you need in a stick animation except full-body. hehe

We've started TLTFT in March, we've already finished round 1 and 2 and made the collab for round 1, this year we're sponsored by so the collabs will first go there, you're gonna have to wait more. Professional's Round 1 is totally awesome, 4 minutes of action in two parts. Intermediate and beginner category are ok too. Currently compiling round 2.
Since we ended TLTFT 2008 last year, got in the multi-rounder competition industry and took Mesmay's (from StickPage) B.S.E., which is similar to TLTFT, basically working on the same principles but with different theme (hit combos). Multi-rounders are growing popular. ^_^ And I started the madness, nice, nice. /brag

Also, I've been chosen out of an immense group of 1 flash animators in my country to make the intro for HTB (parkour crew)'s videos, I'll start on that soon. 79oQ This is their first vid, intro not made by me, I'll make the intro on their second. They're quite good.

So, this is all, I'll have some new submissions soon. Bye NG.

Hawk VS NegaDrain

2008-09-08 12:42:46 by TeamXHawk

New project finished after 3 months of work. Check it out guys :


2008-05-27 01:04:56 by TeamXHawk

It was late by two months because I had forgotten to post it X) but now it's here, and it scored more than I was expecting. It scored 2.73 :D

Feel free to watch, rate and review. See it in my Flash section.

Battle Arenas 4 COMING SOON

2008-03-14 15:58:22 by TeamXHawk

Does the Battle Arenas series have any fan? No? Never mind, I am still announcing everyone that I am still alive and animating, trying to progress as much as I can with each of my animations. Battle Arenas 4, the 4th episode in the Battle Arenas Series is in progress. I am sure you are going to notice a huge improvement from Battle Arenas 3. Expected release: April 2008.